Mission Statement

We are committed to the highest standard of research ethics and accountability between Indigenous peoples and settlers in Canada. The TRC’s Calls to Action ushers in a new era of relationship-building and collaboration and we understand it to be our responsibility, as citizens, scholars, educators, and allies to learn how to build respectful, reciprocal, ethical, and sustainable research relationships with Indigenous colleagues and partnering communities.

This Research Ethics Workshop will bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, faculty, senior undergraduate, and graduate students to engage in meaningful conversations about the responsibilities of conducting ethical research in and with Indigenous communities and the form(s) that this research might take within the context of a changing sociopolitical landscape. We take as a fundamental premise that the incorporation of Indigenous knowledges and values at every stage of the research process has greatly transformed the ways in which ethical research is being re-defined, re-articulated, regulated, and operationalized within academia.

At this inaugural Workshop, we will have keynote talks delivered by noted scholars in Indigenous research ethics, along with case-driven scenarios to foster stimulating engagement and conversation around pressing and challenging ethical issues and towards showcasing successful research relationships and best practices. Our aim is to create a safe space where diverse stakeholders can come together to think about, actively engage with and work through thought-provoking ethical issues in diverse areas of Indigenous research. Our intent is to highlight both the challenges and successes of conducting research with Indigenous partners and within Indigenous contexts and to create and foster a productive and constructive learning environment.